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Cree Summer

is the talented singer who has become one of the most sought after voice actors in Hollywood.  Her talents have graced such films and TV shows as Disney's Atlantis and The Care Bears Movies. She also provided voices for several characters on animated series Gargoyles, Ewoks, Inspector Gadget, and The Little Mermaid.  She is best known for her characterization of Tiny Toons' Elmyra Duff.  In addition to all that animation work, Cree Summer has contributed to Fallout, a video game in which she voiced the character Tandi.

In addition to cartoons, Cree has some artwork of her own, in the form of three tattoos, the Goddess Kali on her back, representing death, an Om on her ankle, representing the sound that joins the universe, and a faerie on her arm, representing herself.

Cree Summer

Street Faerie



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